Vegetable Upma – Savory Semolina Porridge

Vegetables and Roasted Semolina

Upma is an essential part of South Indian breakfast. Recently I have seen Upma being stuffed inside a dosa like a masala dosa filling which seems like a new trend these days. For me, Upma and Maggi Noodles are reminniscent of our college hostel days as the backup plans for…

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Kidney Bean Stew – Rajma


 Every week , I soak one bean so that I can add it to any dish or make a dish of its own. Beans are such a versatile ingredient and a vegetarian’s best friend for protein.  Imagine a life without lentils and Beans as a vegetarian …. then i would…

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Thyme Pico De Gallo

Thyme Pico de Gallo

Kachumber, Pico de Gallo, Tomato Raita are some very common names for this simple quick chopped salad that can perk any dish that you put this  on as a garnish or eat it with. This is always my goto rescue dip/salad that I always have a batch of it in…

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Chewy Olive Cheese Rolls

Ready to be devoured

Now that the winters have come, I am so happy because I can turn my oven on and have a great toasty , warm kitchen with smells of cookies, pastries, breads , cakes wafting through my oven and keeping me busy. With NFL Playoffs in full swing now and Sunday…

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Protein Rich Idli

Lentil Idli

Have you ever had recipes that you have been following regularly for years and never thought about tweaking it or playing around with it?  I have… until I stumbled across a recipe recently put by another food blogger where she made the recipe with success … pure brilliance on her…

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